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Learn how to make these cute hand warmers.  Crochet Beginner Lessons 1 & 2.  Look for my classes listed on the calendar page or contact me for private lessons!

Find my current selections for purchase at my exclusive retailer Nest on Main in Northport.  Contact me to learn how to make your own cute characters.

Learn the trendiest craft right now…embroidery.  Super simple to learn…think of it as coloring with thread! Check my calendar for upcoming classes or contact me for private lessons.

DMC has generously sent the sawmill lots of product for me to share with you to create wonderful projects.  At all future classes there will also be giving away prizes also sponsored by DMC.

There is a beautiful selection of my pillow creations at my exclusive retailer, Nest on Main in Northport.  If you haven’t been to Nest yet you need to go NOW.  May great artists display their merchandise for sale along with may fine manufacturers.  Nest also has a great selection of classes!  I currently teach embroidery and crochet at Nest.  Look at my calendar page for upcoming classes.


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